Our Daily Trailer: HALLOWEEN (1978)

Give us this day our daily trailer. No, not the goddamned Rob Zombie version!

Yesterday Brian Collins defended Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers,but today we’re going to go back to the old school, original Halloween from John Carpenter. One of the films that truly changed the landscape of horror, indie movies and fandom, Halloween was just a little drive-in movie type film that happened to blow up big.

What’s interesting about this trailer is how spoilery it is. We see a bunch of the best bits from the film, a couple of kills, and even a chunk of the finale. I know that people think that trailers today give too much away, but I think they always did. The difference is that modern trailers are cut with more of a narrative, making you feel like you’ve just sat through the Cliff’s Notes version (although to be fair, the Halloween trailer is fairly narrative as well - it opens with the entire Little Mikey Myers sequence!).