Riddle Me This: When Is Batman Like Yeast?

The title of the third BATMAN film is revealed and it’s a head scratcher. Also, Christopher Nolan tells us whether or not to expect The Riddler in the movie.

The title of Batman 3 is here, and it’s… The Dark Knight Rises.


The good news is that director Christopher Nolan won’t be shooting his third (and presumably final) Batman film in 3D. Kudos to Warner Bros for avoiding the cheap increase in ticket sales. The other big bit of ‘news’ that comes from this revelation (which happened in the Hero Complex blog) is that there won’t be any Riddler in the movie, so begin recasting Tom Hardy ASAP.

Nolan doesn’t reveal too many details ever, so I guess this is pretty big news. That’s a truly awful title, though, and it’s sort of surprising that they ended up with something so weirdly bland. Then again, Batman Begins is a horrible, horrible movie title and that didn’t hurt em too much.