The Playstation… Phone?

A challenger appears! Playstation enters the phone wars with a phone that includes a proper video game controller.

Yes, there’s a Playstation Phone coming. It has been long rumored, but a photo of a real one has appeared on Engadget. They’ve talked to someone who has played with it, and it sounds to be very fast, if still a touch buggy. What’s most interesting is that, as you can tell from the picture, is that it has a mini version of the tradition Playstation controller (including shoulder buttons). That metal oval in the middle is a track pad, enabled with multitouch. The phone runs on Android, and there will be an app store where you’ll be able to download games.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this latest player in the phone wars does. I don’t think I need another phone, but I will say that I find game playing on the iPhone or iPad limited. Well, not limited per se - there are a zillion great titles that play beautifully on the touch screen - but I’ve found that some of the more tradition genres, like FPS and side scrollers, don’t play so intuitively on a touch screen. That means the addition of a physical controller is intriguing.

Would you buy a Playstation Phone?