Footnotes of Cinema: Tim Burton’s SUPERMAN LIVES Costume Tests

In the 90s Tim Burton attempted to restart the SUPERMAN film franchise with Nicolas Cage in the lead. This is a peek at what might have been.

Okay, before you flip your shit, take into consideration the fact that this is probably not Superman’s ‘real’ costume. In Kevin Smith’s script (oh yeah, did I mention Kevin Smith wrote a Superman movie for Tim Burton to direct and Nic Cage to star in?), Superman is killed by Brainiac and then comes back to life - essentially a variation on the comic book Death of Superman storyline. In the script Supes was reanimated by the Kryptonian robot The Eradicator, and he came back powerless; eventually he donned a suit made from The Eradicator to get his powers back. While producer Jon Peters had wanted Superman in a black suit (as he had worn in the exact same situation in the comics), it looks to me like this is the Eradicator outfit.

Superman has had a long and tortured history when it comes to film and TV adaptations. If you’re interested in the most comprehensive look at that history, I strongly recommend Jake Rossen’s Superman vs Hollywood. Click here to get it on Amazon.