Our Daily Trailer: INCEPTION

Give us this day our daily trailer! We’re looking into the recent past with one of the great trailers for Chris Nolan’s masterpiece, INCEPTION.

Trailer music is an interesting thing. It’s rarely the music that you’ll actually hear in the film, and it’s often a familiar cue from another movie (remember when the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack was the go-to for every movie trailer?).

The first trailer for Inception had just the sound of booming, but the second full  trailer included Zach Hemsey’s Mind Hesit, an amazing song whose provenance I still haven’t quite figured out. It’s not in the movie, but it wasn’t released before the movie. Did Hemsey write it for the trailer? Did Hans Zimmer, who did his best work in years on the Inception soundtrack take from Mind Heist or was Mind Heist informed by what Zimmer did? A cursory Google search answers none of these questions - perhaps you can.

Mind Heist is one of the elements that makes the Inception trailer work, but the way it’s cut together is certainly another. This is a great example of a trailer that sells a difficult, unusual idea while also making the movie seem exciting. It’s the result of marketing people actually working, and not just repackaging the same campaign for the tenth time. It’s nice to see.