The Budos Band, More Like The Badass Band

The Budos Band delivers on their promise to spread the epidemic of “Budos Fever” far and wide with the release of The Budos Band III.

Recorded live over the course of 48 hours, much like its predecessors, their newest album simply called The Budos Band III is a mix of doom rock, spaghetti westerns and secret spy agent riffs. Each track is full-bodied with layers upon layers of sonic texture that would make the common man’s ear bleed. And like any great classical music piece, the true beauty of The Budos is the way each of their tracks conjure up universes of images and stories as you listen. Their lead single “Unbroken, Unshaven” (which you can hear in “The Making of The Budos Band III” video below) is a rich blast of Mexican exploitation heaven and is a prime example of their fully atmospheric approach. It’s hard-hitting, propulsive, dark along the edges, but never without a sense of joy.

From all the amazingness their studio work provides, I hear their live shows are something to behold. From the sound of it though, it seems like they captured at least 95% of that energy on The Budos Band III. Check out The Budos Band site to hear more of their morsels of self-contained masterpieces. Warning to you: once you catch the “Budos Fever” you’ll never turn back. But, why would you with something that sounds this good?