THE SIMPSONS’ New Character: Tedium

It’s been years since I watched an episode of THE SIMPSONS and this simple comparison explains why.

Kind of says it all doesn’t it? Cartoon Brew goes on to explain:

If a Hell exists for animation artists, I imagine it would involve having to work on later seasons of The Simpsons. There’s an interesting thing going on here though. Anybody familiar with animation history knows that virtually every classic cartoon character from Mickey to Bugs to Woody to Yogi became stiffer and less appealing as the years passed. It’s a good argument for why repetition is unhealthy for artists, and how it leads to artistic stagnation and an overreliance on formulas.

So what do you guys think? Is it a sign that The Simpsons should look at an end date or has the show maintained two decades worth of quality content and is ready to do another two?