Hello From the Road

Devin checks in from the last legs of the FOUR LIONS press tour.

It’s one week since I left LA for the Four Lions tour and I’m in a rainy, cold New York City. It was me and Chris Morris and Tim League against the world as we blasted through LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Boston and New York, but now Tim has left to open the latest Alamo Drafthouse in San Antonio and I find myself wondering how much sleep is necessary to remain sane, because I’m quite sure I have not had that amount in the last few days.

I would like to thank Henri and Moises and Brian Collins and especially Roger for keeping the lights on here at Badass Digest the last week; I realize that me leaving so soon after launch wasn’t the  best move, but it was what had to happen. I will be back in full, unabashed force next week, and I should have the opportunity to update a little bit more right now as the tour winds down and Four Lions finally meets US audiences for real.

There have been two entries in the tour diary series, and the third is coming soon. We’ve shown the film to hundreds of people now and taken lots of questions and the feedback has been sort of incredible. Chris, who is known for being somewhat reclusive in the UK, has been a major force with the media here, talking to dozens of publications. Just this morning we did the Opie & Anthony show (a surreal experience, especially when Jim Norton explained on-air what he would do if he looked like me; ie, someone who was often mistaken for Zack Galifianakis), and you can check out some of the interviews and reviews the film has been getting by clicking here.

Thanks so much for your patience. Badass Digest is the site I’ve wanted to work at for the last couple of years, and once this tour ends (I’m back in LA on Sunday), I can return to the full-time job of building and growing it. Your patience is appreciated and loved.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to, by the way. At a Q&A at the BAM Cinematek in Brooklyn, Chris got a very strange, fictional question. How he handled it sums up what I like about him: