SCOTT PILGRIM Vs The Vocabulary of Guillermo Del Toro

Edgar Wright, Michael Cera and Bryan Lee O’Malley undertake an epic and F-bomb laced Q&A with Guillermo Del Toro after a special screening of SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD, and the entire video is online!

My trip has meant that I could not make the November 1st Egyptian Theater screening of Scott Pilgrim vs the World, which featured a post-movie Q&A moderated by Guillermo Del Toro. Or more specifically, the foul-mouthed GdT. But now I (and you) have a chance to see it - Edgar Wright has posted the entire 80-odd minute video of excellent discussion and multiple F bombs; know that if you’re watching this at work headphones are recommended. Note that this video is served up in segments, so while it looks like it’s just a 6 minute intro, the next segment follows right after.