The Spanish Word For A SERBIAN FILM? “Banned”

The shocking and hardcore A SERBIAN FILM gets pulled from a Spanish film festival following a court injunction.

Four hours before the hardcore film A Serbian Film was to play at Spain’s San Sebastien Fantasy and Terror Film Week, the movie was banned after a provisional injunction by a Spanish court. The injunction came following some complaints, including the Catholic Church (the Pope was just in Spain, so I suspect that His Holiness’ presence really screwed things up for the festival).

The ban is technically temporary, as the court injunction could be appealed, but it seems unlikely that anyone will be going to bat for the film any time soon. There was a similar problem when the movie was going to play UK Frightfest in September, and the BBFC requested a distressingly huge number of cuts to certify the film (there is apparently an R-rated cut that was done by the director, which is what I assume will be screening in the UK in December when the film opens).

We in America often get self-deprecating and look at European’s comfort with sex and nudity as being superior to our own puritan ways, but it’s hard to imagine a court order pulling the film from a festival in this country.

You can read my review of the film right here.

via Variety