Our Daily Trailer: THE WIZARD

Give us this day our daily trailer! Travel back to the distant 1980s, when Power Gloves were the hot video game accessory and when a personal tragedy could turn you into a Super Mario Bros prodigy.

I come to you with a heavy heart. My Xbox has just come down with a serious case of Red Ring of Death. A new one will be winging its way to me soon enough, but as I mourn the loss of my friend, my Netflix streamer and my Rock Band enabler, I’d like to bring you the trailer for the video game movie The Wizard.

I’m not a big fan of this film - I was just simply too old when it came out to feel any nostalgia for it - but there is an undeniably goofy charm. Which I think the trailer captures pretty well, especially in the big Power Glove reveal. The Wizard is also one of the few recent films to use hugely identifiable Los Angeles tourist locales so well, and you’ll get a glimpse of a couple of those here (although not the Cabazon Dinosaurs, where the film’s ‘emotional’ climax happens - a location that is much more Pee Wee’s Big Adventure to me).