The smash horror hit THE WALKING DEAD gets a second season of gut chomping and brain splattering on AMC!

While all your favorite network shows languish on the bubble, always inches from cancellation, cable TV seems to have it all figured out. We’ve seen favorite shows like Boardwalk Empire and Eastbound and Down get renewed on the quick, and now AMC is following suit with the huge smash hit The Walking Dead - after just two episodes they’ve committed to a second season of the zombie drama.

It seems like cable is doing it right. Instead of long, meandering 20+ episode seasons they stay tight. They program shows that have end dates, which is something that really drives the purchase of box sets (a 6 season box set (at 12 eps per season) is so much more reasonable than a 20 season set (at 22 eps per)). And they invest in quality. Of course AMC and HBO have fewer hours a week to fill with original programming, but they make those hours count.

So far The Walking Dead has been stellar, and a huge improvement on the comic. I just want to know how long this show goes - especially since the walking dead would quite quickly become the mostly immobile moldering dead.

Look for Badass Digest’s review of The Walking Dead episode 2, Guts, very soon. And Henri and I will be adding a third voice to the mix!