Jane Eerie

A slightly misleading trailer sells the latest version of JANE EYRE as a horror movie.

The new trailer for the latest adaptation of Jane Eyre (there have been about a dozen so far) leans heavily on the story’s spookier moments, making the film look like a straight up horror movie. In fact the trailer even uses a cue from Goblin’s score to Suspiria!

Unless director Cary Fukunaga’s version is taking massive liberties horror hounds will likely be disappointed. There’s a ghostly appearance and a crazy lady in an attic and plenty of moors and Gothic homes, but it’s still not a horror movie.

In case you’re trying to remember who Fukunaga is, he’s the guy who made a big splash two Sundances ago with Sin Nombre, the Mexican immigration drama. Jane Eyre is his jump into the big leagues, and he’s got Mia Wasikowska (star of the horrible Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland) and Michael Fassbender along for the ride.