New Trailer Makes VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER Look Actually Awesome

There’s a third CHRONICLES OF NARNIA film coming this Christmas, and the new trailer for it makes it seem like it could actually be good. Which is a refreshing change of pace!

The Chronicles of Narnia films have always been sort of second class citizens, lagging well behind the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series. I enjoyed the first one well enough, and I kind of really dug the second one if only because it was fucking bonkers (at the end of the movie Jesus forms out of the water of a river and EATS PEOPLE), but this has not been a series that’s stayed on my radar all that much. So much so that I kept forgetting that it moved from Disney to Fox and that there’s a third film coming this Christmas.

I imagine that unless The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is a major success this is the end of the series and we’ll never get CS Lewis’ complete seven book cycle on screen. But judging by this trailer Voyage has a real chance, because it actually looks pretty awesome. The book was always one of the best Narnia stories, with lots of adventure and weird lands and travel, and a lot of that seems to have been translated. Michael Apted, famous for his Up series of docs as well as a mixed bag of narrative films, takes the reigns for this one and seems to have done well. At least judging by these few minutes.