New TRON: LEGACY Trailer Gets To The Meat of the Story

The latest trailer for TRON: LEGACY spells out the film’s story. But is that trailer music a little familiar, or is Disney performing an INCEPTION on me?

After a solid year of selling Tron: Legacy on the visuals and the connection to the original film, Disney has begun to trot out story points in the latest trailer. This is the movie that is the biggest unknown to me for the rest of the year; I’ve heard some bad buzz, but that was from before they did big rewrites and reshoots that probably fixed the issues. And Tron: Legacy is likely to be the first film since Avatar to actually use 3D correctly, which means it’s definitely worth a see no matter what. But I just don’t know if this will be any good, and I’m curious how audiences will react to it (I think it’ll make a shitload of money no matter what).

By the way - anyone else find the music in this trailer reminiscent of Inception, especially the stuff in the beginning before going to The Grid?