Ed Brubaker Says Comic Book Movies Are Here To Stay

The writer of excellent titles like CAPTAIN AMERICA and INCOGNITO says that movies based on comic books ain’t going nowhere.

You know the drill - a comic book movie comes out and doesn’t do so well and everybody in the geek world starts wringing their hands, wondering if this is the end of an era. Will this flop be the one to convince Hollywood to stay out of comic book shops?

Bullshit, says Ed Brubaker, writer of Captain America and Incognito.

“We’re still such the pop culture stepchild in that we’re very much always really antsy that this worldwide popularity of comic books is somehow going to go away, that we’re always just one flop movie away from it all being taken away from us or something. It’s just not true,” Brubaker tells USA Today. “The people who grew up reading comics are now in charge of pop culture and they’re not going to suddenly stop reading comics. Get used to it: We’re here to stay.”

What do you think? Is Brubaker right and have comics finally joined novels, TV shows and viral videos as permanent sources of Hollywood movies? Or are we facing the terminal years of a  trend?