Listen, Edgar Wright’s Not Going To Tell You About His Next Movie, So Stop Asking

Will there be a third film in the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy? Don’t ask Edgar Wright, because he’s not that interested in talking about it right now.

The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have found themselves locked into this project thanks to nuggets of info slipped out at interviews over the years. And I’m getting the sense that they’re quite tired of talking about it.

The Blood and Ice Cream trilogy began with Shaun of the Dead, which included copious amounts of grue as well as an appearance by ice cream snack Cornetto. Cornetto once again turned up in Hot Fuzz, and so was born the concept of Blood and Ice Cream.

At some point somebody let slip that the possible name of the third film is World’s End, and that the third flavor of Cornetto would be mint chip (which, Edgar Wright notes, is the only flavor remaining as the snack comes only in three flavors).

While stumping for the Scott Pilgrim vs the World DVD/Blu-Ray, Wright told io9: ‘To be honest, in a weird way, I regret saying anything at all because then people start speculating. It’s more we probably shouldn’t have said anything at all. I’ve found that I regret speaking too soon about stuff. Because you end up sounding like the boy who cried wolf.’

But people still ask, and they still try to guess the subject of the film. ‘I think after Hot Fuzz one of the reasons we didn’t make a film straight away, was by the end of the Hot Fuzz press tour people would only ask us that question, what’s next you’ve done zombies, you’ve done cops, what’s next? You start to think that people assume you have a blindfold and a dart board, and oh okay, kung fu, let’s do that. I think what I would like to do now is to make stories that appeal to me.’

And that story may not even be World’s End. ‘We’ve had the germ of the idea for three years. So we need to either write it down or start completely from scratch. Basically there’s nothing really to tell, anything you might have read is not true.’

Wright says that he hopes to sit down with Pegg and Frost sometime at the end of next year, so I expect that means whatever he’s doing next it won’t be Blood and Ice Cream 3.