Michael Haneke To Humiliate The Elderly

Michael Haneke’s next romp will be about ‘the humiliation of physical breakdown in the elderly.’

That Michael Haneke, what a scamp. The director of difficult, often disturbing movies is back on form with his next film, These Two. It’s a film, as IndieWire puts it, about ‘the agony of aging,’ and it looked like it was about to get sidetracked for a while there. Haneke noticed that a couple of other films had hit with similar subject matter and was putting These Two aside to work on a movie about the internet (unclear what that would be, but I imagine it would be bleak). That seems to have not happened, though, and IndieWire has learned that These Two will be shooting in a couple of months.

That comes from star Isabelle Huppert, who described the film as being about ‘the humiliation of physical breakdown in the elderly.’ So a barrel of lulz, I take it.

Any new Haneke is cause for celebration, even when it sounds like a film that will test your mettle (although I guess it wouldn’t be much of a Haneke if it didn’t test your mettle on some level). For more on the film, including who Huppert is playing, head to IndieWire.