If LA CONFIDENTIAL Had A Video Game, This Would Be Its Trailer

The trailer for LA NOIRE, the latest game from the people who brought us RED DEAD REDEMPTION and GRAND THEFT AUTO, gives off incredible atmosphere. But will the game live up to the trailer?

Image from Game Informer

The good people at Rockstar, best known for the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption games (both of which I love love love) are turning their attention to another genre: noir. You can count the number of good noir video games on one hand (and most of those are probably point and click games from the 90s), so the idea of a company as visionary as Rockstar trying their hands at dark, rainy streets and dark, conflicted heroes is exciting.

The trailer for that game, LA Noire, has hit. You may recognize the main guy here - it’s none other than Mad Men’s Ken Cosgrove! I guess before he was writing stories about maple syrup in Vermont he was doing homicide investigations for the LAPD. I don’t know the story of the game, and the trailer (which is apparently made up of only in-game footage) doesn’t tell too much, but I like the look and feel of what’s on display. I’m excited to see what gameplay is like.