Our Daily Trailer: BARBARELLA

Give us this day our daily trailer! Let’s remember the passing of the great Dino De Laurentiis by looking back at the remarkable, sexy, funny and awesome BARBARELLA.

Yesterday legendary Italian producer Dino Di Laurentiis died. If you love movies, you’ve probably loved a Dino produced film, and while he went from the high brow to the low brow, I have to admit that I always loved his weirder, genre efforts. The Italian producer brought us some extraordinary movies - as well as some extraordinary disasters - but in 1968 he brought us two of the most enduring examples of pop art cinema. One was Mario Bava’s Danger: Diabolik and the other was Barbarella, one of my favorite movies. So yeah, Dino had the Thalberg Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy, as well as one for La Strada, but in my heart he’s the guy who brought us King Kong Lives and Dune and Flash Gordon. He was a true badass!