SEASON OF THE WITCH Trailer One ‘Kill Them All!’ Away From Being 2003 Perfection

The new trailer for SEASON OF THE WITCH - the Nic Cage medieval witch hunting movie - bears all the familiar hallmarks of post-LORD OF THE RINGS ‘epic’ movie trailers. It’s already retro!

its fake wolves and CGI armies rushing at each other, the latest trailer for Season of the Witch looks like it sprung whole from the post-Lord of the Rings maelstrom. And God knows the film has been sitting around long enough; I think  the movie’s been done for over a year now, and it has finally secured a January release.

But despite the shortcomings - and despite the fact that Dominic Sena is directing - I have high hopes for this film. What really turned me on in this trailer is the weirdly flat delivery from everyone; at first I  thought it was just Ron Perlman doing his ‘paycheck job’ voice, but then I realized that even the often manic Nic Cage was saying his lines like he came from the Kingdom of Ambien. I can’t pinpoint why this appeals to me, but it does.