Wes Anderson Sets His Next Film In An Era When British Invasion Pop Is Appropriate

Wes Anderson’s next film lines up an impressive array of stars, like… Bruce Willis?!

Wes Anderson has his next live action film rolling towards a start, and Deadline - as usual - has the scoop. The film is going to be called Moon Rise Kingdom, and it’s set in the 1960s, which means that Anderson can stuff the soundtrack with Kinks songs and they would actually be of the period.

The story has two young lovers run away together, but the elders of their New England town go looking for them. Anderson has a helluva cast lined up for this one:

- Ed Norton would play a Boy Scout leader who brings his troop on the hunt.

- Bruce Willis would play the local sheriff, who is having an affair with the runaway girl’s mother.

- Frances McDormand would play the mother.

- Tild Swinton is in the mix for an unnamed role.

- And it wouldn’t be a Wes Anderson film without Bill Murray. Murray would be playing the girl’s father.

I have lots of hope for the film. Darjeeling Limited felt like it was Anderson putting away many of his obsessions, and I’d like to see him avoid the Tim Burton trap of making movies with the exact same themes again and again and again.

The script looks to be all Anderson - no Noah Baumbach this time.