Your First Highly Pixelated Look At Kilowog In GREEN LANTERN

Entertainment Tonight debuts some quick footage from GREEN LANTERN. Take a look at it in all its poorly digitized glory!

First things first: I learned years ago not to judge a film’s FX by the promo materials, especially when it’s poorly digitized stuff online. Remember the first trailer for Iron Man? The scene where the Armored Avenger takes on a tank looked like a cut scene from a PS2 game. In the final film, though, it was flawless.

So I hold that in mind when I look at the first footage from Green Lantern, which was teased on Entertainment Tonight this evening, and which will be shown more fully on Tuesday. I’m not psyched about what I’m seeing - the compositing looks off - but I also know this is not finished footage, even if it’s been released to the public. They will be working on this stuff until the minute the movie comes out.

What is nice is seeing that the muscular striations on Green Lantern’s uniform don’t look so weird in longer shots, and it’s great seeing Kilowog, the Green Lantern drill sergeant, show up for even a moment.

You’ll remember that I was on the set of Green Lantern and wrote a bit about it. You can read that here.

Thanks to Eric for sending the link.