Are You Ready For The BATTLE *OF* LOS ANGELES?

Those cinematic rip-off artists The Asylum are back at it again. This time they’re banking on your video-renting granny not being able to tell the difference between BATTLE: LOS ANGELES and BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES.

No, not Battle: Los Angeles, the upcoming Sony alien invasion movie. I mean Battle of Los Angeles, the upcoming The Asylum alien invasion movie. Yes, the same company that releases films like Titanic II, The Day The Earth Stopped, Snakes on a Train and Transmorphers.

Coming just two weeks before Battle: Los Angeles, Battle of Los Angeles comes to home video. Starring Nia Peeples (!) and Kel Mitchell (!), it’s the story of an alien invasion of Los Angeles. Judging by the production photos on The Asylum web page, they’re mostly reusing HG Well’s War of the Worlds props and aliens. Which is pretty much business as usual for The Asylum.

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