Remember When We Were Asking About PARKS & REC Coming Back? The Answer Is Here!

Just the other day we wondered when PARKS & REC would return to the NBC schedule. The network has the answer - and a massively retooled Thursday night lineup as well.

NBC has finally decided when to bring back Parks and Recreation, the sidelined Thursday night comedy who lost its position to the awful and racially questionable Outsourced: it’s back in January.

See, NBC is doing a big restructure of their entire Thursday night schedule and they’re doing something new - playing comedies at 10pm. Specifically they’re moving 30 Rock (renewed for another season) into that 10pm slot, with Outsourced playing at 10:30 (all the better for them to make edgy Kama Sutra jokes). That means The Office and Parks & Rec will be playing back to back from 9 to 10, as they were initially intended to be seen.

Starting the night will still be Community, the very best sitcom on television and possibly the very best SHOW on television; that will be followed by newbie Perfect Couples.

What does this mean? I don’t know - I liked the Thursday block compact; I would end up getting sucked into watching The Office even when I didn’t want to (not a fan), and now 30 Rock is way far away from Community, which mean I’ll probably drift away from the TV over the course of the night and catch up on Hulu. Maybe.