The GREEN LANTERN Trailer Is Here

The first trailer for GREEN LANTERN is online. Does Ryan Reynolds cut it as the Emerald Knight? What do you think of Tomar Re and Sinestro? And how about Blake Lively’s performance? Watch and weigh in.

The first trailer for Green Lantern appeared on a Spanish language website and quickly made it to YouTube. And here it is, in all its subtitled glory. My remarks after the video.

I like parts of what I see. Knowing what I do from visiting the set I’m excited about the stuff that hints at the scope of the story. I’m giving the unfinished-seeming effects a pass; I think the final stuff will look a lot better next summer. And while the movie Hal Jordan isn’t quite the one I grew up with - I grew up with hardcore conservative fighter jock Hal - Reynolds exudes a charisma in the costume that I like.

That said: Blake Lively. Yikes! She won me over in The Town, but her painfully stilted delivery here… let’s hope it’s because the trailer editor cut together a couple of her lines (that happens, and it can really make a performance look like shit in the trailer when it isn’t).

The trailer is still holding back lots of cool stuff. There are plenty of aliens and the Guardians of the Universe and enemies to yet be seen, and the trailer doesn’t even hint at how big the film gets in the end. This trailer establishes the character and concept for the audience (although following “Whatever I see in my mind I can make” or whatever that line is with a big green fist is limiting. There are better constructs in the film than fists). I’m interested in seeing whether or not WB cuts a trailer for the geeks.

(Thanks to Santiago, who points out that a high def version is available here)

via Bleeding Cool