The Trailer For MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE Is Not Sucky At All

Emily Hagin, the teen director behind PATHOGEN and the subject of the doc ZOMBIE GIRL, is back with her next feature - which takes direct aim at the TWILIGHT phenomenon.

Emily Hagins is the wunderkind director profiled in the really charming documentary Zombie Girl. She directed Pathogen, a zombie film, when she was just 14, making her the youngest feature film director in American history. Now she’s a little bit older and she’s back with her take on the Twilight phenomemon, My Sucky Teen Romance.

Too many teen movies are written and directed by 40 year olds; My Sucky Teen Romance brings the teenage perspective to the teenage movie. The film is still in progress (and you can donate to help out!) but Emily premiered the trailer at the Austin Comic Con this weekend. I like what I see; Emily’s obviously grown as a filmmaker and while My Sucky Teen Romance still has a wonderfully low budget aesthetic, it also seems to have some interesting polish. Emily’s been a tireless student of cinema for the last few years, and you can tell.

MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE trailer from Emily Hagins on Vimeo.