Bad Idea Jeans Presents: “I’m Remaking The Original WIZARD OF OZ Script With Zemeckis!”

Warner Bros wants to go back to the magical land of Oz. And now they want to go back with the original script and Robert Zemeckis directing.

Everybody wants to bring back The Wizard of Oz. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a beloved film and a beloved book series - a book series that remains largely untapped and has so many entries you could have a franchise that lasts decades. There’s that awful sounding Sam Raimi movie, Oz: The Great and Wonderful, which is the prequel origin story of The Mighty Oz that literally nobody needed. There are a couple of CGI versions kicking around. Then there’s Warner Bros, who have the classic Wizard of Oz film in their collection (the book is public domain), and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. They had one bad idea, which was to adapt Todd McFarlane’s Extreme MMA Goth Dominatrix Version, but I guess that idea wasn’t terrible enough. Their new terrible idea:

Reshoot the 1939 film’s script. With Robert Zemeckis directing. Live action.

I feel like I should just end the post there; what else is left to say? Gus Van Santing The Wizard of Oz? I mean, it’s a perfect movie for sure, but would it be so perfect if remade today? I guess we might finally get The Jitterbug on film, but that’s small consolation.

Weirdly I wouldn’t mind it if Zemeckis did this as another of his unholy mocap movies, like he’s doing Yellow Submarine. Mocapping Wizard of Oz, with an eye towards adapting more books along the way, almost makes a perverse Hollywood sense. But just reshooting the classic script? Fuck no.

via Deadline

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