John Cage’s 4’33” Performed by a Full Orchestra

Breathtaking video from a 2004 BBC concert dedicated to experimental composer John Cage.

Damn those Brits for constantly being more progressive then us. Case in point, this 2004 concert dedicated to experimental composer John Cage in which the BBC Symphony Orchestra performs his infamous 4′33″ composition.

Conceived around 1947–1948, while the composer was working on Sonatas and Interludes, 4′33″ became for Cage the epitome of his idea that any sounds constitute, or may constitute, music. It was also a reflection of the influence of Zen Buddhism, which Cage studied since the late forties. In a 1982 interview, and on numerous other occasions, Cage stated that 4′33″ was, in his opinion, his most important work.

Now enjoy this truly speechless performance.

via Kottke