TRON LEGACY and GREEN HORNET screened this week. People saw the films. What are they saying? We round up some of the buzz on these two pictures, and you might be surprised on what people liked.

Tron: Legacy
: So this played last night and the people who saw it were heavily embargoed. But they’re also mostly fanboys and, frankly, easy lays for this movie, so I expected to see lots of folks on Twitter just skirting the embargo. You know how they do: “Can’t say what I saw but it totally derezzed me with awesomeness!” or something. But there was silence. Utter silence. Never a good sign.

I did some asking around and while there are folks who are very positive on the film, most of what I heard back was “Looks great, everything else is terrible.” The script, I have heard, is especially atrocious. And this comes from some folks who I thought would for sure be huge fans of the film no matter what.

The reality is that as long as it looks good it doesn’t matter if the film is good. It’ll make a boatload of cash anyway.

The Buzz: