Take Part in Tim Burton’s Collaborative Short Story on Twitter

Join Tim Burton in a story-making adventure. Contribute a line of your own based on the last visible Tweet.

If there is one superhero that’s closer to Tim Burton’s heart then Batman, it would be his own creation called Stainboy. The aptly watercolored character made his debut in The World of Stainboy, a series of flash animation shorts created in 2000. Since then Stainboy has popped up in various Burton works including The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy book, but now he makes his triumphant return in the storytelling form of the next generation: Twitter. According to the site Burton Story you get to join Tim Burton in a story-making adventure by contributing a line of your own based on this last visible Tweet:


Better get to cracking on your 140 character submission as the storytelling experiment ends December 6, 2010. Additional details:

  • Tweet as often as you like
  • The best Tweets of the day will be selected to build the story
  • All selected Tweets can be viewed under “All Submissions”
  • Follow the story as it unfolds on the “Read the Story” tab
  • Inappropriate submissions will be blocked

Give it a whirl, but I swear I’ll strangle you if you work in a Johnny Depp cameo. More info at Burton Story.