Aronofsky On THE WOLVERINE: ‘Tom Rothman Doesn’t Even Know How Gutsy He Is.’

Darren Aronofsky talks about THE WOLVERINE, making it seem like he’s trying to sneak out into the system. Do you think he can pull it off?

A lot of people have been turning around on the latest Wolverine movie (now called The Wolverine) since Darren Aronofsky came onboard. Of course; I mean, the guy’s probably going to the Oscars this year, and he’s following that up with a comic book film. He’s one of the best American directors working today and he’s doing the Wolverine In Japan story I’ve been waiting to see come to life since Frank Miller and Chris Claremont teamed up on a miniseries when I was a boy.

But what’s that film going to be like? There won’t be many explosions, the director says in this clip from an interview with David Poland. He doesn’t spill much else - he does say, once again, that this movie has nothing to do with the previous franchises - but he does deliver a couple of lines that could be famous last words. Aronofsky makes it sound like the folks at Fox, especially Tom Rothman, have no idea what he’s going to get up to when he’s shooting the movie.

Other filmmakers have felt very confident walking into genre films at Fox, and less so walking out. The studio has been making a concerted effort to be more talent friendly in recent years, and the hiring of Aronofsky (who also got a two year deal at the studio in general) is quite the step in that direction. What will come of this? I do know one thing - this is a project I can’t wait to follow very, very closely.