Flash Thompson May Have Been Cast In The SPIDER-MAN Reboot

An OCD stalking of one actor’s Twitter feed may have revealed who is playing Puny Parker’s tormentor in the SPIDER-MAN reboot. Maybe. We’ll see.

I usually wouldn’t run a story so rife with speculation as this one, but I kind of love the weird detective work that went into it. Either this is a great bit of keyboard-jockey journalism or it’s an example of crazy conspiracy theory-esque thinking in action in fandom. Either way it’s interesting.

Comic Book Movie, not the most reliable source, is reporting that Chris Zylka has been cast as Flash Thompson in the Spider-Man reboot. Their source of info? As follows:



Of course nobody says ‘Flash Thompson,’ and apparently CBM gets that info from ‘an inside source,’ which could very well be ‘A best guess based on the way the actor looks.’

What do you think? Zylka is best known from Hannah Montana, so I don’t really know much about his acting chops. I’m interested in finding out what sort of role Flash has in the film; a year ago I heard the earliest drafts of the reboot had a love quadrangle between Peter, Gwen, Mary Jane and Flash. The latest reports have MJ out of the script, so who knows what that does to Flash’s screen time.

Visit Comic Book Movie for another Jim Garrison-esque scoop, this time about The Lizard.