SCOTT PILGRIM Giveaway Winners

I’ve managed to at least get messages sent to our winners, but needed to put this post up to get the attention of a couple of others. There were a bunch of great entries out of the 60+ that we received. These were the most epic.

The “backstage pass” item previously mentioned has been replaced with a DVD copy of Shaun of the Dead. Not a bad substitute, if I do say so!

Our first winner picks up the unofficial “paying Bryan Lee O’Malley’s mortgage” award, and should get in touch, since I’ve utterly failed to find a place where I can contact “Jaimerey”.

“Getting people to see this was as easy this; I bought Scott Pilgrim Vol 1 for everybody I knew in the 6 months to a year leading up to the release of the flick. No shit, I dropped serious coin, mostly as b-day or Christmas presents, trying to win people over to the world of Scott Pilgirm. In doing so, I guaranteed that at least 12 more tickets were sold opening weekend. Still my movie of the summer!”

He follows up with this:

“More movies that I try to win people over to; Flash Gordon, Phantom of the Paradise, Galaxy Quest, Zero Effect. I don’t know how but there are still people who have not seen these movies or loved them wholeheartedly since witnessing their glory.”

And then again with:

“Damn I just thought of another one when I was out to lunch; Speed Racer! Man, I loved that flick so hard when it came out. It was MY sumemr movie of 2008 and I couldn’t get anybody to hop on board that train. I think would acutally make an excellent triple feature with Flash Gordon and Scott Pilgrim. A sweet triumvirate of joyously off-the-wall movie takes on comics, cartoons, serials, etc.”


For defeating the terrifying villainy of Eat, Pray, Love among other things…here’s our grand prize winner!

“I have never been so ashamed in America. I DO think, though, that my constant ranting about this movie, buying the video game, and proud announcements that my boyfriend and I are going to be Ramona and Scott for Halloween got some people curious. My mother and her friends were about to go see Eat, Pray, Love, but I guess something got in the way. My mother suggested Scott Pilgrim since it’s all she had been hearing about for the past week when it came out. Her and her little group of friends saw it and loved it (though they’re not nearly as obsessive as me of course!) I was quite proud of myself for showing this movie’s COMPLETE. AWESOMENESS. To a bunch of tennis moms. It was not only to them, though! Again, my constant ranting got my cousin curious, so her and her friend decided to go see it a few weeks after it came out. Much too late, I know! But better late than…well, you know. Anyway, they thought it was splendid, of course. Ah, do you think this is the end? Of course not, for you must see the amount of text after this sentence. My second time seeing it was with one of my best friends who was also struck curious by my obsession about this movie, and her mind was blown through out the whole movie. She was literally speechless, which made my whole week. ANOTHER STORY. When my best friend from England was visiting about 3 weeks ago, I had asked him if he had seen Scott yet. He said no, and I was very disappointed in him, for we are HUGE fans of yours, Edgar. So we went for his first and my third time, and now we like saying to each other
And that’s the end of my story.
Sorry, that was a bit long. Anyway, Edgar, you’re FABULOUS.”

Elizabeth Abate

Our next winner gets the Epic Award of Epic Epicness for the short story length, and deserves a high-five for the quality included. Also, please get in touch ([email protected] and add a “.com”), since your commenting account isn’t linked to any contact info!

“Scott Pilgrim was a great point of contention for myself and my friends. I had been a fan of the series since I picked up volume 3 some years ago, and all my friends wrote it off as some geek movie they didn’t feel they could be a part of. I decided it was my mission to make them all believers. True believers, if we’re going by Stan Lee terms.

I lived in rural PA at the time, and I told my co-workers that I’d pay for their tickets if they accompanied me to a midnight showing. I bought 3 tickets and we got in line at 10:30 for a midnight show…where nobody else showed up. We took out our Nintendo DS’s and played multiplayer Tetris until 11:45 when a small crowd came in. They had DS’s too, so we hooked them all together for some crazy Bomberman action. The movie started rolling at 12:01 and from the opening credits, everyone was into it. I knew I had won them over when Scott fought Matthew Patel for the first time. We all jumped up, some of us losing our popcorn, and cheered.

That was my first viewing.

The next day I was scheduled to fly out of Pittsburgh to San Diego. I called up my best friend in Pittsburgh and told him to clear his schedule cause I’d be in town a little early. I told him about this amazing film I saw the night before, and that we both needed to go before my flight went out that night. There I was, rushing in my dad’s rusty station wagon towards Pittsburgh, frantically checking my phone for movie times to make sure I could still take my best friend, and also not miss out on my flight to San Diego.

I arrived in Pittsburgh late due to traffic and my friend had lost hope for making it to the film on time. I knew what the situation called for: shortcuts and loud music. He dove into my car, almost without me making a complete stop, and we high-tailed it towards our movie theatre of awesomeness and made it with only missing 2 minutes of the opening. He was exhausted, and leaned over to say “If this movie isn’t incredible, we’re no longer friends.”

112 minutes later he was shook up by the world of Bryan Lee O’Malley. We immediately went to an Eat N’ Park to celebrate where there were, shockingly enough, other Pilgrim fans there talking about their experience. We stayed for an hour or so and waxed poetic on how truly cool it is, and my friend purchased the first 2 volumes of the graphic novel on his phone.

That was my second viewing.

My third viewing was a bit different. I was with my girlfriend at the time in San Diego and she really wanted to see Piranha 3-D. I wasn’t opposed but I knew that it was just going to be some dopey 3-D horror movie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but when an epic of epic epicness is being shown 2 screens down you tend to want to go to that film. After some convincing, we bought our tickets for Edgar Wright’s film.

I wish I could say that my third viewing with her went as smooth, but it didn’t. She almost hated it. I tried explaining some of the humor to her after we exited but it was somewhat difficult seeing as how she never played a game or read a comic book in her life.

That night before bedtime I gave her the first 3 volumes to read on her own time, and got some shuteye. I awoke the next morning to find her RE-READING volume 3! We hardly got any sleep last night because she LOVED the style of the book! We talked about the series over breakfast and she was dedicated to seeing the movie again, now that she understood it better. That night we came back from my 4th viewing and she was thunderstruck by it. She might even dress up as Ramona for Halloween.

I flew back to Pittsburgh the following day thinking about how good everything had been with O’Malley’s series, but was a bit nervous about my next move in life: packing up my things and moving to Chicago. In Pittsburgh I said my goodbyes and drove to my parents house in rural PA, where I boarded an Amtrak and listened to Sex Bob-omb all the way to Union Station in Chicago.

I knew my roommate and I had to get along. We had spoken a few times before and found some common ground. My first night in the city we were discussing what to do for fun and I said I just wanted to see a movie. He said we could see whatever I wanted, and so I decided that Scott Pilgrim would be a great equalizer for our future arrangement. If he didn’t like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World…it’d be a tough living situation.

Well, he loved it, and later took his girlfriend to see it. That night I found out my girlfriend had ordered “Lost At Sea” by O’Malley as well as the last 3 volumes for her collection. Not only did I hook her on Scott Pilgrim, but Bryan’s other works as well. Pretty cool in my mind.

On November 9th when the blu-ray is released I’m going to have my first party in my new place in Chicago. I’m going to invite everyone I know and we’re going to watch the movie that brought myself and so many of my friends together. Maybe we’ll watch it twice, we’re that kind of people. Maybe we’ll dress up. I know I have a Plumtree shirt now, so we’ll see…

I can only hope that these kinds of parties will happen everywhere on Nov. 9th. I hope that my friends bring others who’ve never seen the movie and they love it as well, and share it with their friends. On November 9th I guess we’ll see, but no one can take away Scott Pilgrim from me. smile

Aaron J.

Our next winner swayed a member of our military to the Scott Pilgrim cause!

“So on the scale of to win people over to the Scott Pilgrim movie, I DRAGGED my girlfriend over to see it opening night with 4 other friends who didn’t care to see it. They ended up in tears right when the Zelda theme came on and instantly LOVED the movie. In fact they all loved it so damn much they all promised to buy it once it comes out instead of pirating it. Two weeks later my best friend who was in Afghan since he is a Marine and in Infantry. Me and my girlfriend (Who demanded he had to see it) Made him drive an hour with us (Since the movie was no longer in theaters near us) We went to some HUGE theater were only 3 people other than us were watching it. The universal logo came on and all you here is “What the….. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!” Needless to say he feel in love with the movie, and the soundtrack. He listens to Metal, Grindcore and Rap and NOTHING else. He loved every minute of it. He said he would go see it again if it wasn’t the last showing in the theater. That was the last showing in the Tampa Bay area ever….

P.S. I ended up bringing my copy of the soundtrack and we listened to it on the way home.”

Allen Anonymous

Our final winner gets extra points for not only being a rabid evangelist, but for doing so several timezones earlier than many of us in the frigid north.

“Basically I was the “Hype Guy” for this movie in all of Juneau, AK and online. I was telling everyone I knew, even those I didn’t how awesome the movie was. I was spending my own time/money to get them to see it, which is very rare for me as working at a movie theatre I usually only see movies for free. I also raved about the great retro-style video games, the epic soundtrack, and the fantastic comics it was based on. Even if I don’t win the contest I will continue to spread the word about the series and will not rest until everyone is a fan of one or more aspects of it. I’ll just have to continue loaning out my trades, soundtrack, and the movie (if I have to buy it).”

Aaron Lopez