APOLLO 18: There’s No Movie, But There Is A Poster

The Weinstein Co has just hired a brand new director to tackle their found footage Moon conspiracy movie, APOLLO 18, but that hasn’t kept them from getting a teaser poster out there.

The next mockumentary/found footage feature, Apollo 18, hasn’t shot yet. In fact, they just signed on a new director. The speculation is that Trevor Caewood, the original director and a first-timer, found the punishing schedule of the movie to be too much. The film is due out in March, giving just about four or five months to shoot and edit the entire damn thing. That’s pretty tight. The new director is Gonzalez Lopez-Gallego, who has a number of genre pictures under his belt. And who is probably right this very second busting his ass to get this movie made.

But while the actual movie is being made, someone has been busy making a teaser poster, as seen above. It seems weird to think that the teaser is out before the movie shoots, but then you realize that getting a teaser poster four months out is par for the course.

As for the poster… interesting, sure. I like the iconic bootprint image juxtaposed with the alien image.

If you’re interested in Apollo 18, we ran the ‘real’ footage of an alien found on the Moon a few weeks back. Click here to learn the supposedly true story behind this film.

And the Apollo 18 site is live now, too. There’s not much there… yet.