DISTRICT 9’s Neill Blomkamp Has A New Video… But What Is It?

The director of DISTRICT 9 is back, but his latest work seems to be a video hidden in the iPad version of WIRED Magazine. Just what the heck is this short video (embedded within) telling (or selling) us?

Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 was one great movie, and ever since it came out we’ve been wondering what he’s going to do next. Would you believe the answer is some kind of viral video hidden in the iPad version of the latest Wired Magazine?

The video, embedded below, was found by a Slashfilm reader. What we see is two guys discovering a weird corpse, reminiscent of the Montauk Monster from a couple of years back, and then discovering it’s stamped ‘AGM Heartland’ and ‘Inspected, Approved’ and something else illegible. Some kind of genetically altered creature, it seems.

So what the hell is this? Slashfilm did some digging and it seems like this is an ARG of some sort - an Alternate Reality Game, where clues pop up online to create a larger story. My guess is that this is related to some sort of video game. Time will tell, I suppose. We’ll eventually find out what we’re being sold.