SNL Season 36, Ep 1583: Holmes Sweet Hathaway

An “eh” episode with an adorable guest host and a kick-ass musical guest. I weed through the best sketches so you don’t have to.

Wow, it’s kind of crazy how a Saturday Night Live episode can swing wildly from abysmal to genius in a matter of one sketch. Take for instance the cold, coooold opening of this weekend’s SNL with uninspiring impersonations (Bill Hader, you can do better) of boring personalities (even a hyper-caricature of Rachel Maddow isn’t funny) and then switched gears with a simple, but amusing guest host monologue by the adorable Anne Hathaway. An “eh” episode with a kick-ass musical guest, I love you Florence and the Machine! Here’s my picks for best of the episode:

Anne Hathaway Monologue
One big commercial for red-blooded men to see her new film because she’s naked in a lot of it. Yes, please.

Message from TSA
The watercooler sketch of the episode for sure, capturing a current news item with a pitch perfect joke. I wish there was a way to introduce it without ruining the reveal which is the best part. But hilarious nonetheless.

Miley Cyrus Show
I might be the only one in the country who loves this recurring sketch, but there’s something sickly addictive about Vanessa Bayer’s Miley Cyrus. Especially her constant refrain of ‘it’s pretty cool’ and her disgust with father Billy Ray. Anne Hathaway’s ballsy impersonation of Katie Holmes pushes it over the top. Now if we could only get Ben Stiller’s Tom Cruise and Hathaway’s Holmes in one sketch.

Update: Jay Pharoah’s Thanksgiving rap
Dammit Jay Pharoah. Just when I think you’ve run out of gas doing impersonations you fucking nail another one. His Jay-Z is insaaane! Although I think Drake was a bit of an esoteric choice for this audience and his Notorious B.I.G. lacked that bassy stuffed nose trademark.

Black Friday
Funny for only how true it is, but loses a couple of points for being too similar to the Kick Spit Underground Rock Festival video sketch which nails the exponential outrageousness bit.