The Devin’s Advocate: Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of What The Hell Is Up With This Title

Devin puts his foot down and demands that SHERLOCK HOLMES II gets a better title, and right now.

Today a picture from the set of the sequel to Sherlock Holmes hit the web. Generally I don’t care about this kind of stuff - it’s Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law and Noomi Rapace all dirty and in olde fashioned clothes and whatever. It’s the sort of bullshit that people run in lieu of actual content. But then as I was looking at the 27 sites that ran this exact same picture (all arrayed one after another in my Google RSS Reader, making a long list of slight variations on “First Look At Robert Downey Jr Et Al,” really proving why this movie website business is in for a bust), I realized that everybody had the film titled Sherlock Holmes II.

Sherlock Holmes II? Are you shitting me? This had better be a working title, because no character better lends himself to awesome titles than Sherlock. I mean, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the [Insert Awesome Thing Here] is a gimme, right? That’s if we have to really dumb it down and include Sherlock in the title, something movies like The Hound of the Baskervilles or The Seven-Percent Solution or A Study in Terror didn’t have to do. But hell, let’s assume we want to pulp it up, make it feel Indiana Jones-y. And that means no Sherlock Holmes: The Case of [Whatever] or even worse Sherlock Holmes II: Moriarty Rising (seriously, fuck you forever Guy Ritchie if you do that).

Maybe the Sherlock Holmes II thing is just because the full title would be deemed too spoilery for now. Or maybe because they’re still wrangling with something. But it better not be called Sherlock Holmes II when the teaser posters hit. Hell, Warner Bros needs to get their asses in gear and start announcing a legitimate title for this shit now.

Stand with me, people of the internet! Do not accept Sherlock Holmes II!

Image from Rope of Silicon