Attention BACK TO THE FUTURE Completists: Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk

Imagine that, something DeLorean-related that has nothing to do with BACK TO THE FUTURE. Though it’s hard not to get that McFly feeling when looking at these brand-new Dunk 6.0 DeLorean shoes by Nike.

The shoes feature a matte silver, no-sew constructed upper body with the soles mimicking the DMC-12’s taillights. The tongue is stamped with the Belfast factory mark where the DeLoreans were originally produced, but the clincher, surprisingly, is the box that opens up gullwing-style.

After checking around the internets it looks like only 1,000 pairs will be available worldwide. So if you want these silver beauties you’ll need to move faster then 88 miles an hour!