Give us this day our daily trailer! Steve Martin and John Candy get holiday travel agita in John Hughes’ classic Thanksgiving comedy.

It’s a good bet that many of you reading this are either traveling somewhere for the holidays or have just arrived somewhere for the holidays (I’m staying in my own house. Screw holiday travel!). If so, this trailer goes out for you - John Hughes’ classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

The film, which sees stranded holiday travelers John Candy and Steve Martin stuck together as they attempt to get home for Thanksgiving, has become one of the de facto movies for this time of year. It doesn’t seem to have quite hit that A Christmas Story level of ubiquity, but I think we’re not that far off from this becoming one of the holiday staples. And with good reason; funny and knowing but most of all sweet, the film presents two comics at the height of their power being pretty silly.

Now, I don’t want to give anyone any ideas, but a remake of this 22 year old movie would definitely be a good place for some TSA-oriented comedy…

And discuss: is this the last great John Hughes directed film or are you an Uncle Buck partisan?