Do You Like The I LIKE YOU Trailer?

Check out the trailer for the very low budget, out of nowhere, throwback to the old days teen indie I LIKE YOU.

There’s a certain kind of indie movie that seems to have fallen out of favor - the slice of young life, naturalistic, pre-mumblecore movie. They’re small films telling sort of familiar stories but with heart and meaning, and they’ve been replaced by lots of crime movies or big emotion movies or movies about irritating people in their 20s being aimless or some shit. Basically I’m talking about the kinds of movies that started the indie movie revolution in the 80s and 90s.

I Like You looks like one of those kinds of movies. Unpolished but lovely and with a cast that seems to be partially amateurs and talented newcomers, the film really hearkens back to the stuff that was competing for screen space with Kevin Smith back when he was good (or before we realized he wasn’t good; six of one, half dozen of the other). I haven’t seen the film but it comes with high praise from my friend Todd Brown from Twitch:

Remember the name Mike Benna. Because I have a feeling that once people get a look at the young star in Jamie Heinrich’s I Like You, we’re going to be seeing a lot of him. For that matter file Heinrich away, too.

And so here’s the trailer for I Like You. I’m looking forward to checking this film out.

I LIKE YOU movie trailer from jamie heinrich on Vimeo.