Our Daily Trailer: THANKSGIVING

Give us this day our daily trailer! The greatest non-existent Thanksgiving slasher movie gets its moment in the sun thanks to Eli Roth.

The fake trailers for Don’t and Thanksgiving are  neck and neck for me when it comes to deciding the best one in Grindhouse. Each have their pros, specifically being that both are totally correct. Eli Roth and Edgar Wright have both spent a lot of time watching vintage exploitation trailers, and they get how they work (as opposed to Rob Zombie, who seemed to have no idea how to structure one).

What I really love about the Thanksgiving trailer, though, is the voice of the narrator (Eli himself if I’m not mistaken). That is so specific to a certain subset of crappy trailers and rings so utterly true that it makes me fall in love with the trailer again and again. I also like the beheading at the parade, just on simple comedy terms.

Yeah, it’s not the most original choice for today’s daily trailer, but fuck it - it’s a good one.