Chris Morris Records A Video Intro For FOUR LIONS

The terrorism comedy FOUR LIONS continues to play to audiences across the country. Now director Chris Morris has recorded a very special video introduction to play at the West End Cinema in Washington DC.

You’ve seen Four Lions, right? It’s the very funny film about jihadists intending to blow something up in the UK, and it’s made by Chris Morris, who is a proper good satirical genius. It’s also the first feature to be distributed by Drafthouse Films, the new distro arm of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, who also runs this very website.

At the end of October I had the incredible privilege to go on tour with Chris Morris as he brought Four Lions to the US. We visited a number of cities, did Q&As, had fun and generally enjoyed ourselves. And found that American audiences quite love the film. Now Chris has recorded a video intro to play in front of the film at Washington DC’s West End Cinema, and I think that it’s very worth sharing. He not only explains why he made the film, he explains why the staff at the West End Cinema is so horrible.

If you haven’t seen Four Lions yet please don’t download it! Visit the website here and see if it’s playing near you (it’s playing a lot of places now!).