He’s Really Neat, He’s Filled With Meat and He’s Getting An MST3K Box Set: Gamera!

Finally! Five GAMERA films that were spoofed on MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will be coming to DVD!

Fellow Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans will know what a big deal this is:

Shout Factory has acquired the DVD rights to the five Gamera movies that the show lampooned, and will be releasing them sometime next year!

Wait, it gets better. For those of you keeping score, these were Sandy Frank films. The Japanese import films to which Sandy Frank owned the rights - films like Fugitive Alien, Time of the Apes, Mighty Jack and of course the Gamera movies - were some of the best MST3Ks ever. Rumor had it that these films never appeared on DVD because Frank was butthurt about how much the show made personal fun of him. Apparently that wasn’t true and he just wanted way too much money for the rights.

Now those rights have reverted back to the original owners, and I think this all-Gamera box set is a sign that Shout Factory will be going after ALL the Sandy Frank MST3K movies. I cannot wait to have a legit DVD of Time of the Apes!

via MST3kinfo