Bill Condon Knows What We Want From BREAKING DAWN And Gives It!

The director of the last TWILIGHT film(s) tweets a provocative picture from the set!

Which leads you to this picture:

If you don’t know the importance of that hand clutching those feathers, you should read my article ‘Why Breaking Dawn Must Be Made Into A Movie” over at CHUD. Long story short: when Bella and Edward get married and consummate their love (ie FUCK), the act is so rough that Bella is knocked out and the pillows pretty much explode.

I know that when Condon came on Summit wanted to tone down some of the crazy stuff in the book (like Edward giving Bella a C-section with his teeth!) but that Condon bravely stood up and said “But these things are the reason to make the movie!” And he’s right.

Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn.