Latest SPIDER-MAN Musical Video Reveals Earthquakin’ Kraven and Puppet Hammerhead

More video footage from the truly awful looking SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK musical reveals all new, crummy looking villains!

The Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical is just squeezing in an awful lot of Spidey villains. We’ve already seen the Green Goblin (it turns out he was based on Bono’s friend Ted Turner and is enviromentally minded, thus the ‘green.’ You simply must be shitting me) and Carnage and… Swiss Miss. Now new TV commercials reveal Kraven, who seems to have the ability to create fissures in the earth with his feet, and a huge puppet head version of mobster villain Hammerhead.

The second commercial seems to be just about the same as the first, just with different bad U2 music. Maybe you can pick out the subtle differences.

By the way, I’m happy to announce that BAD should have an actual review of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark in a couple of weeks, courtesy of Terror Tuesdayer Brian Collins. Stay tuned.

Videos via io9