The Most Amazing Fight Scene of 2010

Two combatants. Two minions. Hatred that burns hotter than a thousand suns. Acrobatic moves. A rousing score. It’s the battle of two cats and two crows, and fight scenes will never be the same.

First, watch this video. All the way through. With the volume up.

Now my two questions:

1) What is up with those crows? Are they the minions of the black cat? They antagonize that other cat endlessly, and they really want in on the fight.

2) What’s the music? I’m assuming that someone has played with different soundtracks to make the action and the music sync so well. I’m terrible at soundtracks, so this could well be something I know and I just can’t place it.

UPDATE: Hearing Predator from lots of people, but I don’t think so. Some research (and the help of Twitter user @blueneurosis) indicates that this could well be from John Debney’s Predators score.
It’s Predator 2! Specifically the track embedded below (skip to 2:35). We were all wrong, but all almost right!

Thanks to @VivekBhat for the answer. Not get to answering question 1.

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