New A GAME OF THRONES Trailer Teases Us With HBO Fantasy Goodness

A teaser for HBO’s serialized adaptation of A GAME OF THRONES appears with icy blue beauty.

As we get to the end of The Walking Dead I’ve been wondering what might be the next TV Talk show that could include me, Henri and Meredith, and I wonder if A Game of Thrones isn’t the ideal candidate. HBO’s huge fantasy epic is based on George RR Martin’s (unfinished) series of novels; adapted by novelist David Benioff and starring luminaries like Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage, A Game of Thrones is the latest assault on the mainstream by nerd culture.

Now there’ s a trailer; I’d like to see something bigger although my hazy memories of A Game of Thrones (I barely made it through the book; between this and The Walking Dead I seem to be on the opposite side of everyone else when it comes to the source material) indicate that the first season of this series will likely be mostly personal and palace intrigue.

via io9