THE WALKING DEAD’s T-Dog Has The Greatest Website EVER

Carmina Burana? Check. Lightning bolts? Check. Eagle with some kind of flaming wings? Check. When your website has an intro like IronE’s, you know you’ve really made it.

I know you have all read that Frank Darabont has canned the entire writing staff of The Walking Dead after the end of the first season; we may have some knowledge to drop on you in an upcoming TV Talk, but that isn’t what this post is about. Rather, this post is about the website home of IronE Singleton, who plays T-Dog on The Walking Dead. His website is amazing.

IronE isn’t just an actor. He’s an actor/emcee/comedian/director/lyricist/producer/writer/video cinematographer. I’m sure he could officiate your wedding as well if you asked.

There’s lots of great stuff on IronE’s website, but I really recommend enjoying the opening intro, as well as his spelling of ‘Englishman.’

But if I can serious for a moment, his reel is an almost heartbreaking look into how tough it is for young black men to get acting roles that aren’t of a very specific type. Let’s put it this way - his blank, characterless role as ‘T-Dog’ breaks the mold of his entire career. Who could have imagined that this character would be his most nuanced?

Click here to visit Watch the intro!

Thanks to Carl Robertson for the link.