We Don’t Need No Oscar Bait Bullshit

If you don’t make your middlebrow feel good British movie you can’t get an Oscar nomination. How can you get an Oscar nomination if you don’t make your middlebrow feel good British movie?

If someone told me they were making a movie that was ‘Dead Poets Society meets School of Rock,’ I would punch them square in their whore mouth*. Yet producer Andy Harries walked away without a bloody lip when he told Deadline‘s London correspondent Tim Adler just that thing.

Harries, who produced The Queen and The Damned United, was talking about a film project he’s working on, one that is sure to drive me into absolute fits of conniption: the story of the ‘maverick’ school teacher who brought his students in to sing on Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 on The Wall. I’m sure it’s all fucking feel good and about bucking the system just enough but not so much as to actually upset anyone or truly cause a ruckus. I bet one of the kids was a problem kid who smoked and got into fights but just needed someone to understand him, and another of the kids was a shy sensitive type who found his inner strength in song and another kid was Russell Brand, shrunk down through the magic of computers.

Honestly, this just sounds like crass bullshit, like the kind of mid-budget movie that gets oohed and aahed over at snobbier festivals and then makes a run at the Oscars but ends up being Kinky Boots, which nobody even fucking remembers anymore. With good reason.

* I would not actually punch them square in their whore mouth.